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How to Get Exit Permit in India

Exit permit has required those people who want to leave the country when their visa expires. Its application is pending consideration with the state government or central government for the specific type of visa.

  • Exit permits are not required where the eVisa / Visa /  presidential permit is valid. 
  • Exit permits should be obtained only from the foreigner's Registration office (F.R.O)
  • You have to attach the required documents/information for the exit.
  • You have to submit an application request online for exit Permit 
  • Nationals of 191 Countries
  • All Foreign Nationals (Maximum Limit: If overstay is up to 1 Year)

Please Note: This is for those who have come to India on a 30-day Tourist Visa / eVisa and have a short-term Tourist Permit. It is not possible to renew an Indian Visa and extend your time in India.

However, holders of visas for longer duration can apply for visa extension and stay longer. You must extend your visa beyond its original expiration date. The application should note that this must be done before its expiration.  

Those people who have overstayed with a 30 days tourist visa (short term), in this situation you may have to apply for the exit permit. The exit permit is valid for 15 to 30 days from the date of grant. You have to visit the application form and follow the exit permitted procedure. You can check more details below.

Required Documents for Exit Permit: 

1. Applicant Photo Copy:

  • The photo should not be edited or modified by Photoshop or any other Software/ Mobile App otherwise they will reject your request.
  • The photo should be in PDF, JPG Format 
  • Photo size should not exceed 10 MB
  • A photo should present Full face, front view, eyes open
  • Center head within frame and present full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin
  • The background should be plain light-colored or white background
  • No shadows on the face or on the background
  • Bring the same photo along with the application form.

2. Copy of Applicant Passport:

You have to upload a color scanned copy of the first biography page of the passport, which will contain all the personal details and photos of the applicant. The scanned copy should not be blurred. 

  • It should be in PDF, JPG format.
  • The size of the PDF should not exceed 1 MB.

3. A Copy of Indian visa:

Your visa copy should be clear with all the details. It should be in PDF format. The maximum size of PDF should be 1 MB.

4. Proof of Residence in India

All these proofs of residence can work. You can upload any of the following: 

  • Utility bill - You living in India with relative friend family
  • Government India Like Aadhar card - With whom you are living in India
  • Rent agreement
  • Form C, if you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb

How to apply for an Exit Permit in India?

All foreign visitors can get an Exit Permit through the FRRO/FRO online website / Mobile app. It is a completely online process and you don’t need to visit FRRO/FRO office unless you get a call from FRRO/FRO for some specific reason.

  • Apply through FRRO/FRO online for Exit Permit application. No need to make an appointment to visit the FRRO/FRO office. You will be called only in specific situations.
  • The focus of the e-FRRO/FRO application is to create a platform for foreign visitors related to visa services.
  • The objective is to provide user-friendly, paperless, cashless services and save your precious time.
  • By using this application foreign nationals are able to create their own User-ID by registering themselves. Using their own User-ID, they can apply for e Visa and related services such as registration, exit permit, and visa conversion effectively.
  • All the documents such as Exit Permit, visa documents, registration permits, visa permits, India visa extension, visa conversion, etc, will be sent on registered email and by post on the registered address mentioned on documents.
  • It is not mandatory for foreign nationals to visit FRRO/FRO offices. In case of specific conditions, they will be notified to visit the FRRO/FRO office.
  • For further information, foreign nationals can visit the FRRO/FRO office.

Please Note: The applicant must provide absolutely CORRECT information in their application – IF the applicant has provided FALSE or Wrong information then their application request will be REJECTED

Exit Permit Visa Processing Time: 

The Exit Permit Application will be processed within 7-10 days after getting complete Documents / Payment / Information. And After the complete process a response would be sent to the email provided in the visa application.

In some cases, additional documents/information may be required and current details may need to be clarified, or if any information appears suspicious and it needs to be reviewed by the Sr. Government consulate. 

In this case, you may need to upload some additional documents/information to process your application. You will receive an email to upload more additional documents/information.

Exit Permit Processing Fee:

To complete your online exit permit process in India, you may have to pay a fee. The FRRO and Service exit permit fee usually depend on the country and type of visa. You can pay by credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay).

  • The foreigner would be intimated to deposit the requisite fee, if any, for the service.
  • The fee has to be deposited online through the Bank Payment gateway available on the portal.
  • The amount of fee would be intimated through email/SMS/portal alerts.

There are two types of Exit Permit fees:

  • Service Fee
  • FRRO Fee

The FRRO may impose an additional fine in case of longer stay or non-return to his/her third country. The penalty will be calculated after the submission of the application. Also after submission of the exit permit application, if any, a penalty fee will have to be paid.

Procedure for exit Permit / Visa:  

You must check the exit permit process before filling out the actual form to avoid mistakes and understand it better. Given below is the step-by-step procedure to fill exit permit form in India.

Please Note: Fields marked with (*) in the application form are mandatory, the remaining fields are non-mandatory and can be left unfilled. However, providing information in these fields will help in the decision process of your application.

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 1

Present Nationality*: Fill in your present Nationality according to your passport /  granted the visa. 

Visa Type*: Select the type of visa that was granted to you on arrival in India. you have entered India with that visa

Visa Subtype: Select the subtype after selecting the visa type

On the other hand, many questions are coming which are:

Whether newly born child*: Click Yes or No if you have a newborn baby or not

Refugee*: Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear that they will be persecuted because of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.

Surrendered*: A relinquishment/surrender certificate is issued to applicants who renounce Indian nationality and surrender their passport at the consulate after acquiring foreign nationality.

Please Choose the Services you Desired: The applicant has to choose the exit permit option while filling the exit permit form.

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 1

Applicants, please check that all the details should match with your passport/visa. After filling and reviewing all the details click on the continue button.

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 2

Personal Detail: Applicants will have to provide Personal information regarding 

Surname*: Fill your Surname as per your passport

Given Name: Fill your Given Name as per your passport 

Gender: Fill your Gender 

Father Name*: Fill here your father name 

Mother Name: Fill here your Mother Name

Spouse Name: Fill here your Spouse Name if you have

Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY) * : Select the date you were born according to your passport

Place of Birth: Fill your place of Birth where you are born

City of Birth: Fill your city of birth in which city you born

On the other hand, many questions are coming which are:

Birth Nationality*: Fill your Birth Nationality as per your passport 

Religion*: Fill your Religion which you have belong from 

Visible Identification Mark: Fill a Visible Identification Mark if you have 

Previous Nationality (if any): Give your Previous Nationality if you have any

Manner of acquiring present nationality: choose from the given option for your Manner of acquiring present nationality 

Date of acquiring present nationality: fill the date of acquiring present nationality 

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 3

Passport Detail - The following section deals with the information they have to provide in the passport details.

Category: Select your Category of your profession from the given option 

Passport No. *: Submit your passport number with cross check

Country of Issue: Select the country where your passport was issued

Place of Issue:  Fill in the complete address of the place where your passport was issued

Date of Issue: Fill the exact date on which date your passport was issued 

Date of Expiry: Fill the exact date on which date your passport will expire 

Address: Fill your complete address as per your passport

Whether holding dual nationality?: Click on Yes or Np accordingly if you are holding dual nationality 

Whether person of Indian Origin?: 

Email Id *:  Mention your correct email id for updates

Occupation: Select your legal occupation form the given option 

Stay Address in India *: Fill the address where you are stay in India 

Zip Code *: Enter the postal/zip code of your residence/staying address

Phone: Mention your available contact number 

Contact Number in India *: Fill your Contact number which are you using in India or your relative, friend, family ( +91)

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 4

Visa Detail: The following information will have to be provided in this section 

Visa Number *: Submit your visa number with cross check

Country of Issue *: Select the country where your visa was issued

Place of Issue *: Fill the complete address of the place where your visa was issued

Date of Issue *: Fill the exact date on which date your visa was issued

Date of Expiry *: Fill the exact date on which date your passport will expire

Valid For *: Choose the entry your visa valid for- single entry / double entry / triple entry / four entry / multiple entry \

Purpose of visit to India: Select the purpose of your visit to India 

City of embarkation/boarding for India *:  Select the city where you was coming for according to visa 

Date of arrival in India: Select the date when you was arrive in India

Place of disembarkation/arrival in India: Fill the complete address of place where you was coming for according to visa 

Mode of Journey: Provide the mode of your travel to India- Air / Rail / Road / Ship / Other

Flight/Train/Bus/Ship Number: Mention the Number of your transport mode by which you traveled

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 5

Have you registered previously in India?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if you're registered previously in India

If Accompanying you?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if you're accompanying

Have you served in Military/Navy or Air Force or Reserve of any country?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if you served in the military / navy or air force or reserve of any country

On the other hand, many questions are coming which are: 

Are you registered in current locality FRRO/FRO in the current visit?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if you registered in the current locality FRRO/FRO in the current visit

Have you got extended visa in current visit in current locality FRRO/FRO?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if you got extended visa in current visit in current locality FRRO/FRO

Whether previously in India?: Click on Yes or No accordingly if

Departure Date: Mention here the date when you was going back to your nation

Expected Stay in Days*: Fill here how many days you are expected to overstay in India

Reason for Delay*: Mention the reason why you are delay in go back to your nation from the date of Departure

Reason for Exit:

In case of Missionary - Nature of work: Describe your nature of work in case that is the missionary



  • Please verify that all the information you enter matches your passport or visa. After completing all the details and reviewing them, you can click on the Save and Continue
  • If you want to leave the form, click on Save and Exit to continue the form later
  • Please note down your Temporary Application ID after submitting this step to check your application status

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 6

Upload Required Document: Once you submit all valid and required details then click on the upload button which is given below

Upload Required Document

Exit Permit Online Application Process Step: 7

proceed to enter your payment details: Entry the details of payment mode to complete a secure transaction. You can choose the given payment option which are safe & secure


Sample of Exit Permit:

Exit Permit

Here is the complete guide to the Indian visas form, Information about all Indian visa types extension, requirements, the application process, and more relevant details:

78 responses to “How to Get Exit Permit in India”

  1. Jack Sheppard
    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen who has a tourist visa. Is it possible to obtain an Exit Permit in two days?. I have an emergency. Kindly reply
    • Indiaevisas
      very good evening jack. Canadian visitors should apply for an exit permit in advance. The exit permit application should be submitted at least a week before your date of travel as it takes up to 7-10 days to receive the permit.
    I'm writing to you on behalf of my father who is a Canadian national staying in Kerala due to the Covid pandemic. My father has an exit permit that expires march 31st 2022 (please see the attachment). Since international flights have been postponed, does my father need to reapply for an exit permit? or an extension?
    • Indiaevisas
      good evening, I hope you are doing well. The exit permit is generally valid for 15 to 30 days and its validity starts from the date of grant. If your exit permit validity is expiring, you need to reapply for the permit because it is not possible to renew it or extend its time.
    Eric Muswaswa
    My baby who was born in india last November was just charge to pay INR 50,000 for exit permit. Keep in mind that my wife medical visa is in good standing. Is this legal this is unacceptable ffro claims penalty on a baby that her mother visa is still valid unbelievable
    Mikayla Cherry
    RE application ID UK1200090122 Please advise what does Your request for Exit Permit has been closed mean. This is the only communication we recieved after confirmation of application. Regards
    Hi, I have a valid e visa, do I need to get a permit to leave India?
    • Indiaevisas
      If your e-visa or paper visa is valid, you will not require an exit permit to leave India. This requirement is for foreign children born in India as they require an exit permit to leave the country. Remember that an exit permit is required if your visa has expired or your visa extension application is pending for approval.
    Melinda Menz
    Namaste, I applied for a visa extension from Goa on the 01/03/2022 ....I waited a few weeks and never heard back from them. I am now in Rishikesh ,Uttarakhand and have applied agIn for an exit permit to leave India ... The status of my Exit permit which I applied for from Rishikesh is closed....I called Mumbai FRRO and they told me to contact Goa FRO to cancel my application from Goa....only wjen Panjim FRO cancel this apllication and send a report to Mumbai FRRO and the application is closed and cancelled can I apply for a new exit permit from Rishikesh What should I do? I really need to exit from India...its urgent!?
    Patricia O'Neill
    My friend overstayed her long stay visa due to COVID then a motor accident which disabled her for a year. Recovery was long. She is unsure how to proceed to exit India and return to US. Which procedure does she need? It is now nearly a year over stay. She is currently staying with friends and has no C form from her illness time. Please advise.
    I am a US citizen holding an OCI card. My US passport expired in September 2019 and was renewed in India at US embassy in Feb 2020. If I want to travel back to US do I need any document as my passport was expired for more than 5 months. My current expiration date of US passport is Feb 19th 2030. I came to India in 2017 and since than I have been residing in India. Please advice.
    We travelled from UK Sep 2020 and my son holds USA passport, we applied for Visa extension in Mar 2022 and we have submitted all the fees. Now we are awaiting for visa extension certificate. Now as part of work assignment, we are travelling to USA on Jun 04, 2022. Do we have to apply for exit permit or can we go ahead with Visa extension application.
    Pat Nguyen
    My son is currently traveling in India on an evisa. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding regarding his travel dates and he arrived with an expired visa. He was allowed to enter, possibly because he is traveling with an Indian-born US citizen and his American-born daughter (US Citizen). My son is an US citizen with no family ties to India. He was told he needed an exit permit visa and applied for one. He is now very concerned because the daughter of the Indian-born US Citizen, who also need one, has received hers, but his is still “in processing”. Their flight out of the country is 20 June. What happens if your government doesn’t process the application in time? Will he still be allowed to leave on his scheduled flight? His application number is 100622L6A6I8 and id is KL0300086222. Thank you in advance for your help.
    Akaash patel
    My baby is born in india (now 3 months old)and has foreign passport. My wife also has foreign passport on one year e visa and is registered with frro. Does my baby need exit permit to fly back?
    My 21 month old baby has e visa for 5 year..but after 90 days he has to exit country..he has south African passport..i have Indian passport and my visa in procces..and his 90 days is what I have to do...when I got my visa
    Vinod kumar
    My baby applied for Canadian passport and due to family reasons we had to travel to India on her Indian passport. We are planning to handover Indian passport in India and apply for OCI with in India. Do we need Exit permission for baby while leaving India? Since the entry stamp is on Indian passport and we alhave plans to submit it.
    • Raj
      I became Canadian citizen on 25 Oct 2022, as due to emergency I had to rush back to india & I travelled india with Indian passport considering time for getting any visa was time consuming so I travelled on india passport & arrived in india on 9 nov 2022, later on 25 nov I surrender my Indian passport & took surrender certificate, I stayed in india for 185 days & now when I wanted to back to canada then what I need to do so india immigration clears me. What I need to do here to leave country ?
    • Raj
      I became Canadian citizen on 25 Oct 2022, as due to emergency I had to rush back to india & I travelled india with Indian passport considering time for getting any visa was time consuming so I travelled on india passport & arrived in india on 9 nov 2022, later on 25 nov I surrender my Indian passport & took surrender certificate, I stayed in india for 185 days & now when I wanted to back to canada then what I need to do so india immigration clears me. What I need to do here to leave country ?
    My e-visa is expiring in 10 days but I need a visa for 3 months more. Please suggest what should I apply?
    Yoshinori Oyama
    I married Indian national in 2006 and my daughter was born in 2007 in India. Since my daughter is living in India from her birth as Indian national, she is not registered as foreigner resident. When she visited japan, she used Indian passport. I am planning to take my daughter to Japan for entering a junior high school in Japan. I was advised from the Japan embassy that the embassy will issue the Japanese passport for her and she shall get exit permit from FRRO. I would be very much appreciated your advise on the procedure to get exit permit for my daughter.
    Chirayu Poundarik
    I have 2 minor kids whose passports were stolen. We are in the process of obtaining a replacement passport but the e-visa is still valid. Will my kids require an exit permit to leave the country?
    Chirayu Poundarik
    I have 2 minor kids whose passports were stolen. We are in the process of obtaining a replacement passport but the e-visa is still valid. Will my kids require an exit permit to leave the country?
    Punnar prateek singh Chaudhary
    Hey , i have arrived in india on Indian passport and i also got my candian passport. I surrender my Indian passport at RFO Chandigarh. How can i get exit permit and what documentation I should upload on indian visa section?
    Thomas Samson
    Dear, I’ve just submitted an exit permit application #: XV4413V8299I Passeport number: 19CE04375 My name is Thomas SAMSON-Jousseaume, I just want to let you know about my current situation. I had to go back to France last Saturday because my grand mother who raised me was in a critical situation fighting for her life, but I got denied the exit and missed my flight because of my status pending from FRRO registration. I tried at the beginning of this week to arrange the situation with the FRRO, after multiple attempts, my application was closed ; I understand why, I missed an appointment at FRRO office in June and I would like to apologize again for that. While managing these processes, my grand mother sadly passed away, I’m now in a desperate need to got back to France to attempt the burial ceremonies and be where I need to, close to my family during this sad time. The French embassy, my company (Stellantis) and Business France tried their possible to get the FRRO application fixed but unfortunately we couldn’t and I don’t have the time to re apply (moreover my current work contract is going to end this month) so the only other solution we find to leave the country asap is the exit permit. I understand you have a lot of demand and I sincerely don’t want to put you in a discomfortable situation, I am sorry to ask you this. However if you can do anything to speed up the process in this particular situation, I would greatly appreciate it and I will do anything you ask. I’m willing to cooperate to support my application and I will come every day to FRRO office to be there if you need me. If you ever wonder to reach me I am available 24/7 at my number 7845233328 or at this mail adresse. Best regards,
    my colleague RP/RC expired and extension application could not be completed as he had to exit India - his employment visa is valid until June 2023 and he needs to go back and re-enter India. What document does he need to re-enter India as his RC/RP expired but visa is valid?
    hello, If a Tibetan national resident in India is going out of country for less than 15 days, do we need to apply for exit permit. Kindly revert. thank you
    My baby was born in India in June 2022. She will get her US passport by November 2022 as her father is US citizen. We plan to leave India by March 2023. Do I need to apply for exit permit or Indian visa as we will stay for few months after she gets her USA passport? By when do I need to apply for exit permit if we get the USA passport by November 2022?
    • Vidhya
      Hi, I'm in the same situation. I dont have an answer to the question,I'm looking for an answer. If you do hear anything please let me know. Appreciate your response
    • Vignesh
      Better apply for Exit permit once your baby got US passport because you need to mention passport details on exit permit application it's mandatory, so wait for the US Passport and once you received apply for Exit permit at least one month earlier than the day of departure, the processing time will take almost one month sometimes earlier if you submitted all the documents correctly. Or else sometimes the application will show the status closed Incase of any delay of uploading the supporting documents then you have to apply from the beginning.
    • mallesh kota
      I am in the same situation. My Daughter is born here but obtained UK passport. Now that she is going to travel for the first time, I was refused to checking without exit permit or a Visa. When I tried to fill Exit Permit. its asking previous Visa details as mandatory. Hence I am confused on if I need an exit permit or an Indian Visa.? Looks like not a quick workaround for the issue.
    Gurushinder Kaur
    husband left for Canada abandoning me and my baby in India by taking away the Canadian Passport of the baby, OCI of the baby, my PR Card other Canadian documents, and he is refusing to return them back to me, I am applying for her inaccessible/lost Canadian passport with the "affidavit without the consent of the other parent's signature" advised by high commission Canada in New Delhi. in this case, how can I apply for an exit permit for my baby without her father's consent? kindly advise if I have any alternative option
    Hi, my baby of 8 month and me are travelling together. But my baby's indian entry visa has expired a week ago while we are in India. My baby holds canadian passport. What should I do ?
    Good day . I am writing on behalf of my sister and son.. they both acquired exit permits in delhi. Is it possible for them to travel from mumbai with a delhi exit permit
    • Karthika
      No..U must exit from the port that mentioned in the exit permit certificate
    Ojanyaso Ogheneovo
    Please what can I do? I came in india with a student visa. I missed the school registration and so I was unable to register for FRRO. I booked a flight to go back to my country but was declined at the airport. They said I need to have a registration with the FRRO. Can I apply for Exit permit? Please somebody help.
    Nguyen Chien
    Hi I want to check regarding the exit permit: Do I have to go to FRRO office to apply and get the Permit directly and in person, or I can just apply online and get the result online (no need to go to FRRO office to collect)? Thank you very much.
    • Munkhtuul
      Hi I'm in same situation. I got sent back from Delhi Airport in October. Immigration said, I need to bring registration, but my university said I need to apply for exit permit. I applied for registration and waiting. How about you?
    Hari V
    Hi (To Whom It May Concern), I am a US citizen and have a multiple entry e-Visa valid for 1 year. I entered India on May 18th at the Hyderabad airport. My passport has been stamped with a valid 1-year e-Visa on arrival but with a 180-day stay limit. I need to extend my stay in India in order to take care of my aging Indian parents. What is the Visa related service that I need to avail of? And what are the documents/photos required for getting my stay extended? I am currently registered on the e-FRRO website to submit my application but was not sure which service I need to submit the application for. Appreciate your kind guidance very much. Hari
    Hi there my mum was travelling with my to nieces today they have been granted british citizenship but was not allowed to travel due to some docoment needed could u please advise me what to do to help her from uk
    Hi I am Japanese and living in Punjab, I was holding e-tourist visa issued before COVID and also an e-business visa which is also expired 5 months ago. So none of visas are valid for now but once exited India in April before the expire date and again entered India recently in July on arrival in port of Amritsar for luck. Local FRRO advised me I can still use my e-tourist visa but I know there is no restore for e-visas any longer so I need to find a way to exit India. Should I apply from the online or should I again directly go to FRRO and get any permission paper from them?
    Hi, We are indians and our kid is a Canadian. We took an one time entry Visa for our kid as OCI card might get long time to process. We entered India with her Visa and later we received her OCI card. As we have her OCI card, we didn't bother about expiration of her one time entry Visa. As one of my friends said that we also need exit permit, we applied for it and initially they said to pay Rs. 5,600 and then later said to pay Rs. 50,009 (Even we applied OCI card details in the application). As we are in our journey hurry we don't have other option and we paid all the amount. But later we came to know that no exit permit is required when we have OCI card. Could you please let us know how we can get our money back?
    Hi, I am Dutch citizen with valid OCI card. My wife is an Indian citizen and delivered twins in India (April 2022). We recently received Dutch passports for my babies. We all would like to travel back to Netherlands in December. We don't have any E-visa for my babies since they were born in India. My questions are: 1: Do we need Exit permit for my babies? 2: If yes, do we have to apply for a E-visa first and then apply for a Exit permit? Thank you.
    • Avinash
      Hi Vikram, Could you please connect with me ? [email protected].. Same situation here. Thanks in advance.
    • avinash
      Hi Vikram, Could you please connect with me ? [email protected].. Same situation here. Thanks in advance.
    • avinash
      Hi Vikram, Could you please connect with me ? Same situation here. Thanks in advance.
      I think if the child born in india and with a foreign passport then they have to first apply for the entry visa which will be a X1 multiple entry. Now for leaving india dont know the process if we need to apply for exit permit or the entry visa itself sufficient? Any leads please let me know thanks
    Tinothie Mathie6
    My evisa (tourist visa) is still valid though i wish to stay for 1 more month, can i apply for exit permit?
    Timothy Mathieu
    My 30 days evisa (tourist visa) is still valid though i wish to stay for 1 more month, can i apply for exit permit or what can I do in regards while staying in the country legally? Best regards
    Asad Saiyed
    Hi, My daughter was born in India and she is a British Citizen. We wish to apply for her exit permit. However we never applied for a visa thinking she was born in India and her mother is also an Indian citizen. Now when we use this link to apply for her exit permit (, what should we mention under the Visa type and sub type field as there is no relevant option available ? Kindly advise. Thanks
    Damien-Georges Thibaud
    Hi, i am a french student with a student visa. Do i have to ask online for my exit permit 7-10 days before the expiration date of my current visa ?
    Hello, I am a french student too and I was wondering if I was going to be accepted in hotels if I asked for a visa permit but had not receive an answer yet? Does the appliance count as a formal document for hotel ? Thank you in advance for your help
    Md. Ibnul Arifuzzaman
    Hello I am Md. Ibnul Arifuzzaman from Bangladesh my Visa is 6 Month Turist Visa but there every 90days. But my stay over 90 days. My work dose not complete yet. Minimum 1 week I need to done my work complete. So what the process if 90 days over stay issues.
    I am Tibetan, living in India, holding IC (identity certificate-the yellow book). I am planning to visit my kids in Canada. Do I need exit permit?
    My exit permit status is Granted. But I don't know how to download this? Can u help me? Nothing in mi email
    Abirami Sivaraman
    Dear Sir/ Mam, I have applied Exit permit visa in FRRO online. My travel date is 27/01/2023. I have exactly 7 days to leave the country. But website says the processing time is 7 to 10 days. I need this ASAP. Please kindly do something !!! Application Number - 200123L125A0 Background: I am an Australian Citizen. I have lost my AU passport and OCI card in Vrindavan, Delhi. I filled FIR. I applied and got an emergency passport from Australian Embassy. I have completed FRRO online Exit Permit visa application and submitted requested documents. Thanks in advance!!
    Dayal Kumar kohli
    Please I got an email from the frro saying "your request for the exit permit against Id*********** has been closed.please what does that mean?
    Please I got an email from the frro saying "your request for the exit permit against Id*********** has been closed.please what does that mean?
    Saleem Yahaya
    Hello, my application with the FRRO was closed and I didn't get registered now, i want to leave 4th April before my visa expires, what should I do?
    London immigration Lawyers
    We are the Number 1 choice for UK Immigration help. Experienced UK Visa and Immigration Lawyers and Solicitors. Who you can trust.
    Im currently in South Africa and i need to get an exit permit is this possible to do from South Africa?
    My new born baby is a US citizen and travelled to India on 5 year evisa/tourist . I do have his OCI card with me in United States .his stay will be in India more than 180 days . Does he need to apply exist permit ? Can I send his OCI to india and can he exist the country before 180 on evisa and re enter with OCI from a nearby Country ?
    Hello. We applied for an exit permit for my husband 15 days ago. He has french nationality. Tomorrow we have our flight, but exit permit is still not processed. It's written "under process" . You write that it takes 7-10 days for process the exit permit by it was still not delivered. We travel with a little daughter , we can't loose our tickets. Please tell us what we can do?
    Hi My brother in law Is Australian Citizen,his mother passed away on 16/3/23 and he did not surrendered his visa after he got his Australian passport. We he went to india he applied for visa for india but he did not got until he reach india. He had two passport with him He got entry stamps on his Indian passport on 17/3/23 on arrival. Next day he got his Indian visa too. Now the problem is when he want to came back the immigration said his to get his Indian passport cancelled and got an exit permit from FRRO. He already got his visa cancelled but the problem is he can not get his exit permit. He applied for exit permit but his application closed. Can you please tell what he can do now ?
    Al Pat
    Hello, I am US Citizen in India for a 3 week trip on tourist visa. (I have 10 year multiple entry visa). I lost my US passport, and going to US Embassy to file lost US passport and apply for new one. Fortunately I have a copy of my India Visa page, Once i get my new US passport, will copy of India visa ok to leave India? Thanks.
    Siddharth Verdhan
    Hi, My friend overstayed and took exit permit and left india. She wants to come back to India . How should we proceed further. It’s already been 3 months since she left india.pls advise. Thank you
    Siddharth Verdhan
    Hi, My friend overstayed and took exit permit and left india. She wants to come back to India . How should we proceed further. It’s already been 3 months since she left india.pls advise. Thank you
    I am Sri Lankan. For my project, I tried to extend my visa. Before the visa expired I applied for extinction. FRRO said I can stay in India while they process the Visa extension request. FRRO asked to submit a bonafide certificate. At that time I completed my degree. So my college couldn't provide me a bonafide certificate, even though I Still continuing my project at that time. Without bonafide certificate, my application got rejected. Then FRRO give an exit permit to return, And They told me that, there won't be any overstay because I only stayed within the processing time. So that I can apply for another visa and return. I have finished all the formalities and left the country within the given time. Now I got a tourist visa through emphasis and return back to India. At Chennai airport, they depart me back to Sri Lanka without telling me any reason. I have to come back to India to collect my Degree certificate.
    • Apurva V
      Hello sir, I am writing on behalf of my sister, my neice who is US citizen stayed in India for more than 2 years as she had arrived in India when she was 1 year old, now she is 11 year old and wants to leave India and go back to her country so in her case which visa she needs to apply ?
    This whole procedure is for adult only. For a new born baby in India , with USA passport ( baby gets USA passport on the basis of both parents being USA citizens by Birth in USA , which gives baby USA passport from USA consulate in Foreign Country where baby was born ) . And FRRO , Mumbai wrongly sent back Parents with Baby saying to apply online for X-1 multiple entry Visa for 1 year time limit for new born infant . Such igonrant people are working at FRRO , Mumbai . I spent 4 hours trying to apply for New Born's X-1 Visa with muultiple entries without any success. My first child born 7 years back , was stamped Visa in his USA passport as infant without any problem .
    Greg Prasker
    I am American and my wife is Sri Lankan. We both have 1 multiple entry year e-visas. We just came for medical treatment (panchakarma) and it would end up making us stay 100-110 days in this visit. Would the exit permit help us to do this and is it $79 per person?
    Hello sir, I am writing on behalf of my sister, my neice who is US citizen stayed in India for more than 2 years as she had arrived in India when she was 1 year old, now she is 11 year old and wants to leave India and go back to her country so in her case which visa she needs to apply ?
    SN Yousef
    My family is foreigners spouse and 2 kids, got exit permit after they legally stayed for 3 years in India due to frro won't extend their visas because their documents were not attested by Indian mission from issued country. By the way thank you! My question is whether they are allowed to exit any airport? Or they can only exit by the airport that is registered in the exit certificate? As the kids have difficulties, we are about to change the airport and use direct flight to the destination. I hope the department will have some humanitarian understanding and simplify the rules. Thanks for your support!
    Piyush Jain
    Hello , My daughter is a US Citizen and a 6 year old minor. Does she need exit permit? If yes, what would be the overstay charges as she had stayed for more than a few months than applied for. Please respond
    Gurleen singh
    Need contact number. Thanks
    Krushmica Selvarajah
    I was studying in student visa in India for 5 years. Now I applied for exit permit from India and came to sri Lanka. So when can I next apply for visiting visa????
    Prashanth kumar
    hello Need a help to apply for exit permit for my daughter she is born in India now holding Swedish passport what is the procedure to apply exit permit she don't have visa if i apply e-visa also what will be the port of entry date.

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