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Extension on Indian Visa Due to COVID - 19

Vide MHA O.M. No. 25022/24/2020-F.V/F.I Dated 05.05.2020.

Regular Visa, e Visa or stay stipulation, of such foreign nationals whose visas have expired or would be expiring during the period from 01.02.2020 (Midnight) till the date on which prohibition on international air travel of passengers from India is lifted by the Government of India, would be extended on 'GRATIS' basis on submission of online application by the foreigners. Apply India visa extension

Sample of Indian Visa Extension:

efrro indian visa extension, extension on indian visa due to COVID

Such extensions would be granted for a period up to 30 days from the date of lifting of prohibition on international air travel of passengers from India without levy of overstay penalty. Exit to such foreign nationals, if so requested by them, will also be granted on the same lines.

Visas of all foreign nationals already in India remain valid. In the backdrop of the outbreak of COVID-19, no foreigners are allowed to visit the FRRO Office for OCI/Registrations and other Visa related services without prior appointment till further orders. Please do the extension process visa website and mobile application. 

How to Extend India Visa in India?

All foreign visitors can extend their visas through the FRRO/FRO India visa extension services website / Mobile app. It is a completely online process and you don’t need to visit FRRO/FRO office unless you get a call from FRRO/FRO for some specific reason.

  • Apply through FRRO/FRO India visa extension online application. No need to make an appointment to visit the FRRO/FRO office. You will be called only in specific situations.
  • The focus of the e-FRRO/FRO application to create a platform for foreign visitors related to visa services.
  • The objective is to provide user-friendly, paperless, cashless services and saving your precious time.
  • By using this application foreign nationals are able to create their own User-ID by registering themselves. Using their own User-ID, they can apply for e Visa and related services such as registration, visa extension India, exit permit, and visa conversion effectively.
  • All the documents such as visa documents, registration permits, visa permits, India visa extension, visa conversion, etc, will be sent on registered email and by post on the registered address mentioned on documents.
  • It is not mandatory for foreign nationals to visit FRRO/FRO offices. In case of specific conditions, they will be notified to visit the FRRO/FRO office.
  • For further information, foreign nationals can visit the FRRO/FRO office.

Document Required to Extension for Visa:

To extension an Indian visa, You need to upload the required document. Please read the instructions carefully.

The applicant needs to upload following documents... 

1. Copy of Passport:

You have to upload a color scanned copy of the first biography page of the passport, which will contain all the personal details and photos of the applicant. The scanned copy should not be blurred. 

  • It should be in PDF, JPG format.
  • The size of the PDF should not exceed 1 MB.

2. Copy of Latest Indian visa:

Your visa copy should be clear with all details. It should be in PDF format. The maximum size of the PDF should be 1 MB.

3. Recent Photograph of Applicant:

  • The photo should not be edited or modified by Photoshop or any other Software/ Mobile App otherwise they will reject your request.
  • The photo should be in PDF, JPG Format 
  • Photo size should not exceed 1 MB
  • A photo should present Full face, front view, eyes open
  • Center head within frame and present full head from the top of hair to bottom of chin
  • The background should be plain light-colored or white background
  • No shadows on the face or on the background
  • Bring the same photo along with the application form.
  • Upload Photo in passport size (3.5 x 3.5 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm)

4. Proof of Residence in India

All these proofs of residence can work. You can upload any of the following: 

  • Utility bill
  • Rent agreement
  • Bank statement
  • Form C, if you are staying in a hotel or Airbnb

Note: Residence proof i.e. updated form 'c' generated by hotel/ lodge or registered / notarized lease deed or utility bill copy along with copy of photo-id of landlord with declaration

In case happens to you, you would need to “Re-upload Missing and Additional Documents”. Check here Additional documents required for visa extension


Extension Fee:

To complete the process of your online India visa extension, you may be required to pay visa extension fees. The Indian government extension visa fee is usually dependent on the country and type of extension-visa. You can pay with a credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay).

  • The foreigner would be intimated to deposit the requisite fee, if any, for the service.
  • The fee has to be deposited online through the Bank Payment gateway available on the portal.
  • The amount of fee would be intimated through email/SMS/portal alerts.

There are:

  • Service Fee
  • Government Fee

The Government could apply an additional penalty in case of longer stay than authorised or not returning to their / third country. The penalty will be calculated after submission of application.

The penalty fee will need to be paid after submission of visa extension application if any.

Important points to remember:

The visa extension/exit permit only can be granted by the Government of India at present scheme now permitted until May 17, 2020 as GRATIS EXIT.

Here are some following steps to extend India visa with FRRO/FRO India visa extension:

1. Apply Visa Extension 

You will need to visit the e-FRRO website Apply Indian visa extension

You need to select your nationality. Based on this, the FRRO will be assigned to your case.

Then select the following options

  • Visa Type: 
  • Visa Subtype:
  • Services desired: Visa Extension

All other options are self-explanatory.

frro request letter for visa extension (Indian visa extension)

2. Complete Application Form and Submit Document

Fill the captcha and click continue, once submitted you will be taken to the next page, where you will have to fill personal details like name, passport details, visa details and so on. After filling all the mandatory details you would be taken to the document submission page.

3. Receive Documents requested for your application from FRRO

After the visa extension form is successful, you may receive an email to upload more documents. In case, you need to go to the webpage that you will receive in the email. or Extension Visa Status

Additional documents required for extension

4. Receive Visa Extension / Registration Certificate / Exit Permit

visa extension granted

Or other way to extend your visa

1. If you have already registered and you have login details, Then you can do simple login with your login details.

Indian frro login


2. If you have not yet registered. First, you have to register with e-FRRO. for the register you have to fill some personal details. Valid Email ID and Mobile Number are mandatorily required for obtaining the One Time Password (OTP). After filling all the details, you will click on the submit button.

Indian frro registration


3. You will receive an OTP on your Email/Phone for the user activation at e-FRRO. The OTP is valid for 60 minutes only. Put the OTP and click on the submit button. you will register successfully.

Indian frro verification


Once a user-id/password is successfully created, the foreign national can submit an online application by selecting the appropriate service and uploading the requisite documents.

4. Please login your account. Then you will see the eservices page and click on "Fresh / New Online Application Submission".

Fresh new online application  submission

5. Next page, You have to fill in some information. the applicant can submit an online application easily.

  • Present Nationality
  • State
  • City / District
  • Visa Type
  • Visa Subtype

Please Choose the Services you Desired: Visa Extension

extension services and category

6. Click submit, then you will proceed to the next page. There you will have to fill a lot of personal details. After successfully completing the application, you will be taken to the document submission page.The application will be examined by the visa authorities.

Extension onine application

On checking, the necessary instructions regarding the application i.e. fee payment, improvement of selected/desired service, re-uploading of documents, etc. will be communicated to the foreigner through email / SMS alert.

In case happens to you, You will receive an email from FRRO to Re-upload document/pay/additional information you would need to submit. Check here Additional documents required for visa extension

7. In addition, the applicant can track the status of the application with the portal. For any clarification, FRRO support centers may be contacted.

8. When your visa has been granted/rejected. His/her RC/RP etc. will be sent through the email given in the visa application. Or it can also be downloaded from the portal by signing in.

9. The foreigner can approach the concerned Civil Authority i.e. FRRO/FRO office directly in case of exigency/emergency. Upon satisfaction of the case, the services can also be granted directly at the FRRO/FRO level. Make sure that services granted are electronic and not manual. You may face hurdles at the Immigration Check Posts in case of manual services.

Applicants are Advised to Apply at Least 2 Weeks in Advance

Note:- As these rules may change at short notice, this information should be used as a guideline only. Passengers should refer to the latest information published by the government of their destination or home country.

Extension of Visa after May 17, 2020 ( After GRATIS EXIT Period)

After May 17, 20202 all international travel may have to apply in a regular way ( as the GRATIS scheme ended on 17 May ) and pay requisite fees if they want to extend their stay.

All travelers who want to stay longer and are seeking an extension of visa beyond the stipulated period of May 17 will need to pay the requisite fee when they receive a message from Visa Extending Authority Government of India.

  • All applicants are advised not to submit multiple visa extension applications after a successful submission application once.
  • Submission of multiple visa extension applications may delay in review and making a decision.
  • Who has not been able to return due to suspension of International flights. Presently they have been permitted to get GRATIS EXIT till May 17, 2020.

In case e-FRRO Website and Mobile App not Working

If in any case website or mobile app not work or getting any problem other problems. May be some technical issue (as internet/system/server overload etc)

Please try  

1. Please try to again fill in the electronic form on the e-FRRO website to request the extension of my Indian e-visa.

2. Or contact the FRRO support centers, and they will help you to extend visa.

FRRO Support Centres

They may contact the nearest FRRO/FRO through the e-FRRO module for extension/ conversion etc. of their visa or grant of any consular service.

For an appointment, contact respective FRRO Support Centres as given below:

FRRO Delhi
[email protected]

FRRO Mumbai
[email protected]

FRRO Chennai
[email protected]

FRRO Bengaluru
Fax No. 080-22218196
[email protected][email protected]

FRRO Ahmedabad
[email protected]

FRRO Amritsar
[email protected]

FRRO Hyderabad
040-29880374, 040-29880375
[email protected]

FRRO Kolkata
[email protected]

FRRO Lucknow
[email protected]

FRRO Trivandrum
Fax No. 0471-2333514, 2573514
[email protected]

FRRO Kozhikode(Calicut)
[email protected]

FRRO Cochin
[email protected]


Note: To stop the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak the foreigners are only allowed to visit the FRRO Office for OCI/Registrations with prior appointment.

As these below categories visas will get extended on this scheme from the e-FRRO website or mobile.

  a. 05 years e-Tourist Visa / Indian 05 years ( 60 months ) e-TV multiples entries

  b. 01 years e-Tourist Visa / Indian 1 years ( 12 months ) e-TV multiples entries

     These limited to “Not exceed continue to stay in India for 90 days / 180 days”

  c. 30 days e-Tourist Visa / Indian One Month ( 30 Days ) e-TV double entries

     These limited to “Not exceed continue to stay in India for 30 days” 

Also Indian e-Conference Visa, Indian e-Medical Visa, Indian e-Business Visa, Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa and all type of Regular visa

Indian Visa Extension, Complete guide to Indian visas form, Information about all Indian visa types extension, requirements, the application process and more relevant details

142 responses to “Extension on Indian Visa Due to COVID - 19”

  1. Phani Venigalla
    Good Morning Sir/ Madam, My son Karthik Venigalla with a passport number 567070120 is US citizen is a minor and is currently in India with Grand parents on eVisa valid up to 6/10/2024 and stay up to 180days from 24/12/2019, which is until 20/06/2020. Due to Corona virus situation of travel risk and the unavailability of flights or cancellation of flights or airline tickets, I would like to know the process of extending the stay for another 180days or eVisa from India. Please advise on the same. Thanks, Phani.
    • Rachan Seeba
      Hi Phani - even I'm faced with a similar situation. I'd like to know the process for extending the eVISA beyond the current 180 day limit. Please let me know if you heard anything.
    • Mary joy
      Same question here I don't know what to do. They deleted my application in frro. I'm requesting for extension of stay
    • Divya
      Hi Phani, We are facing a similar situation too. Our daughter is in India with her grandparents and her length of stay (180 days) expires by the 30th of June. Her visa is still valid until 2024 though. We are still not sure of the process to follow to get an extension of her stay. Please let us know if you heard back anything yet.
    • Pradip Phalore
      My wife and newborn daughter went to India on January 9, 2020 to visit family and planned to return to the United States on April 19, 2020. As a result of COVID-19 and the current travel restrictions in India, my wife and newborn are stuck in India under lockdown since quarantine measures were implemented. Looking at the situation it seems they wont be able to return before July 9th when my daughters 6 months entry validity gets over. May I request you to extend her visa by 6 more months so she can stay in India and we dont run into any issues in the future. The website isnt allowing to register child below 12 years.
    • Tashu
      Hi Phani, Did you get any update on this issue? Is registration and extension needed for Minors as well? Thanks
    • Pinal shah
      Hello Sir/ Madam, My son is 2 years old CANADIAN citizen is a minor and is currently in India with eVisa valid up to 29/1/2025 and stay up to 180days which is until 2/09/2020. Due to Corona virus situation of travel risk and the unavailability of flights or cancellation of flights or airline tickets, I would like to know the process of extending the stay for another 180days or eVisa from India. Please advise on the same. Thank you
    • Bharti sharma
      Hello Sir/ Madam, My daughteris 10 month old CANADIAN citizen is a minor and is currently in India with eVisa valid up to 1/1/2025 and stay up to 180days which is until 18/09/2025Due to Corona virus situation of travel risk and the unavailability of flights or cancellation of flights or airline tickets, I would like to know the process of extending the stay for another 180days or eVisa from India. Please advise on the same. Thank you
    • Manohar Teckchandani
      Dear Sir/Madam, My 11 months old granddaughter who is a US citizen is staying in India and has a valid e-visa till 2025. She had arrived in India on 27th January with her mother. Her 180 days stay is expiring on 27th July. Does she also require visa extension or exit permit before leaving India.
    • Sham
      Hello Manohar, Iam also in the similar situation, I have US born Kid of 2yrs, we flew to India on Jan 26. My kid has eVisa of 1 year. The 180 days period is about to expire. However due to Covid and US travel restrictions we are not able to fly to US till December. Did you get any solutions to stay in India? Appreciate your response
    • Aman
      Hello Divya, i am facing the same situation. Did you hear something back?
    • Sam dhup
      I have gotten my tourist visa extended two times in the last 9 months. Each time by 5 weeks free. you must apply via the e FRRo website. It is simple
    • Aaron
      I'm in India and my tueist visa expires on 12-12-2020. Due to the non flights to Israel, how can I extend my visa?
    • Aaron
      I'm in India and my tueist visa expires on 12-12-2020. Due to the non flights to Israel, how can I extend my visa?
    • Sonam Onchen
      Hi, did you got the exit permit to return back to your country? I am in the same situation. My daughter has been in India on a visa extension on Gratis. She is now all set to return back to USA. I read it somewhere but not clearly whether she need exit permit or not.
      Hi I am in the same situation and my son is NZ citizen went to india on 24th Jan 2021 with grandparents and his visa expires on 12 Jan 2022. As I am in NZ we are in lockdown and can not go back to India. What's the process to extend indian visa?
    E visa related I have e visa for 1 year multiple entry but I cannot exceed 90 days from the Date of entry and the situation of corona virus I want to extend 90 days to 180 days so what’s the procedure my 90 days it’s about to finish plz reply as soon as possible thanks
    Good afternoon - I have a e-visa 5 years ( obligation to go out every 90 days ). Now due to the virus I can’t go out of India. I tried to extend my stay online but it’s not clear for me ... I registered on the website with a password but there is no option «  visa extension for covid-19 » ... Could you please make it clear for me, I am unable to do it ... How to process ?
    Li Ning
    Hi, my family are in India right now. Our visa will expire on 14th April. But our flight, which is scheduled on April 7th, has been cancelled due to the most recent 21-day lockdown policy. We are holding e-Visa (Tourism). What shall we do to extend our visa?
      Dear sir/madam. I did my online application on 14th may and it still UNDER PROCESS. Is that normal taking so much time? Thank you.
    I can't register my demand of visa extension. The answer is always: "wrong mail identity"...
    • Weiss Helmut
      Our flight to Toulouse ( France) the 24 of march has been cancelled due to Covid-19. We came the 6th of January and our Visa is valid for 90 days. Our Visa in general is valid from 28/11/2019 until 27/05/2020. Our questions are: Do we need an extension for our Visa? We can't register our demand of visa extension because the answer is "wrong mail identity or wrong password...
    • Figuera
      La durée de 90 jours, sur notre visa valable un an avec de multiples entrées, vient à expiration le 27 mai. Pouvez-vous nous dire les démarches à entreprendre pour renouveler un droit d'entrée de trois mois afin que nous puissions prendre sans problème de visa un avion prévu le 3 juin ?
    • Indiaevisas
      Please try to again fill in the electronic form on the e-FRRO website to request the extension of my Indian e-visa. Or contact via email & phone number the FRRO support centers, and they will help you to extend visa.
    Pervinder Sandhu
    Hi I have completed the E Visa extension, I have noticed my first name is spelt wrong with last 2 letter missing. Will the extended visa have my correct name and amended at your office for processing. Please let me know and how long the process takes to extend Visa due to Covid-19.
    Hi sir i m Rania . i need your help to guide me on my extension summation i came to India 12.01.2020 my visa 90 day only expired on 10.04.2020 Visa due to Covid-19.
    What is thé certificat ? For the extension of m'y Visa due to Corona virus?
    gurmeet kaur nain
    Dear Sir/ Madam i am trying to upload my docs for e visa but not able to do so. please confirm how can i upload the file.
    Hello, good afternoon! I have an e-VISA (365 days) expiring on June 26th 2020. I arrived on February 27th 2020, and my flight was “programed” for May 12th 2020, which would mean 76 days vs 90 days allowed. I do not know how things are turning but my flight is canceled. I cannot exceed the 90 day prescribed which would be on May 26th 2020. My question is: Is it possible to extend the 90 days?
    • Nizar Mougamadou
      Bonjour Ma question est: est-il possible de prolonger les 90 jours du au Covid-19 ?
    Hello, Another main question: My 90 day continue stay ends on may 26th. Is it possible to extend this 90 day stay without applying for a new e-VISA?
    • Indiaevisas
      Hello Hari, you need to extend your visa through the FRRO / FRO services website / mobile app. You do not need to go to their office. You can do this online. for more information please read the same news.
    • Suresh Ommi
      Hi, I am a Canadian citizen with entry visa to India. I got the visa for 3 months. If I want to extend my stay in India, whats the maximum duration allowed for my visa extension.
    Register , Submit online applicaiton along with required documents withing at least 15 days before. The reply from EFRRO is quite good.
    BONJOUR, Je suis en inde depuis le 7 janvier 2020. Mon visa tourisme normal et pas e visa prend fin le 21 mai 2020. Mon billet retour pour la France est le 2 juillet 2020.Dois-je faire une extension de visa ou faire une demande de nouveau visa sur le site efrro ? Merci d'avance de me répondre s'il vous plaît car cela m'inquiète beaucoup Stéphanie Ponthus 7829544917 Pondichéry
    Hi, I am a USA Citizen. I came in India on January 02/2020 on E- tourist visa which is valid up to August 08/2020. and authorized stay upto June 29 / 2020.Dure to corona virus and cancelation of fi\lights , i stuck here in india. How can i extend my tourist visa and for how many days because i have valid e visa is upto August 08 , 2020 .
    • Kishore
      Hi - Could you please let me know what is the process you followed? 180 days stay for kid is expiring on Jul-3 (e-Visa is valid till November). I wanted to apply for stay extension. Thanks!
    Prithpal s parhar
    Hi I just register at e-FRRO/FRO but the India I add it was wrong number. How should I change?
    Sardana Kim
    Hi. I have applied for visa extension on 22 nd April. And today is 15 May, 23 days have gone but no response. Still my application satus is under process. I have mailed, I have tried to call to support center many times, but it's not reacheable. Please if you read this msg, have some kind to reply. Because today is last valid day according my visa. Thank you.
    • Indiaevisas
      A large number of calls are being received right now. They will reply to your email ASAP. Also You can track the status of the application with the portal. FRRO support centers may be busy right now.
    • Deepa
      I applied for an extension over a month and a half ago, my application says under process and currently my visa is expired. Anyone else in this situation?
    Hi My daughter is also in the same situation and she is minor. I have applied visa extension through EFRRO portal and submitted required docs. It says under process and waiting for reply from them.
    • Mohan
      I got replay within 2 days and paid the fee. Really it was a very quick service.
    • Indiaevisas
      Hello Mohan, After the application is submitted successfully. The process of extending the visa will take time. When your visa has been granted. They will be sent via the email provided in the visa application.
    • Mohan
      Yes . I got in next 2 days after my payment
    • Mohan
      My daughter got the visa extension for a year till June 2021. Still she can stay for 180 days max or 1 year? Can anyone help on this?
    • Mohan
      My daughter got the visa extension for a year till June 2021. Still she can stay for 180 days max or 1 year? Can anyone help on this?
    • William Joel Freitas
      Hi there! My application was submitted over 16 days ago and I have called over 20 times both numbers for Mumbai and I even tried Delhi. No one is answering. My Visa expires at the end of this month, June 29th. Please help guide me as to what to do! 🙏 thank you!
    Hello. I got an email from FRRO saying “Your request for Visa Extension for foreigner against application id TN14xxxxxxxx has been deleted.” Could you please clarify what exactly does this mean. Thank you.
    • Manikandan
      Hi, I’m on the same boat. Do you know what to do next ? Please help
    • ching dsouza
      were the same..What happen next?
    I have a ten-year tourist visa which is valid until November 29, 2020. However, since the length of each stay is not to exceed 180 days I must leave India by July 10. In case flights still are not available by that time, what should I do? I do not need an extension of the visa, per se, but an extension on the length of stay.
    • Dannie
      There are so many of us in the same boat and no one answering the question. We don't want to extend our visa only our stay as we are unable to get out of the country with exception to repatriation flights. Many of us have our 180 days coming up and no one is telling us whether if we apply for an extension it makes our current visa void.....and extensions appear to be for those whose visa has ran out, not those who have reached their maximum stay limit. Like others, I have tried to call the FRRO but their not answering anyone.
    • Samaritan 9
      Hi, please see my previous comment. My 180 days were to end this week. My stay is now extended to mid Aug. It was explained to me that you get 1 month extension the first time you request, then 2 months etc. - for EXIT PERMIT. My comment should be last on the page. Good luck.
    • Samaritan 9
      Hi, please see my previous comment. My 180 days were to end this week. My stay is now extended to mid Aug. It was explained to me that you get 1 month extension the first time you request, then 2 months etc. - for EXIT PERMIT. My comment should be last on the page. Good luck. Is anyone keeping tabs on the replied they receive?
    If you need help read this. Im on the same boat as the rest of you. Due to the pandemic, I couldn’t fly back as we were put under lockdown. My e-Visa was issued December 15th, 2019 and expires December 13th, 2020. Though I had concerns with my visa, as it stated “continuous stay during each visit should not exceed 180 days.” Reaching my 180 days this month on June 29, 2020. I was told by many to fill out an application on FRRO online for visa extension. It was a long process for me only because i never surrendered my Indian passport after becoming a US citizen and had to figure all that out on my own. However, it is an easy process and FRRO gets back to you within 24 hours after submitting any documents they ask for. It is very frustrating when none of the offices are picking up your call or are closed with no one guiding you what to do next. And not even responding to any one on here.
    • Sweetu
      However, I am being asked to pay over $100 for extending my visa through the FRRO while I’m stuck here due to pandemic, I thought it’s free of charge on GRATIS?? Somebody please help me out, I’ve called so many places but they just keep giving me different numbers to call and no ones really helping.
    Tirana Rusmee
    I have made visa extension application with frro Ahmedabad because my stay is due to expire on 30th June , since then I have received messages that my registration request is deleted , my conversion application is deleted and that my extension application is deleted. I have also tried contacting frro Ahmedabad however no one is answering the calls nor replying to emails of mine . I donot understand that what is the meaning of request of extension being deleted , it should be accepted or rejected. I have no clue as to what is to be done in these circumstances. Seems that the Indian government doesn't want to help foreigners stick here because of their lockdown. If anyone has any information regarding this please do reach out.
    CARDIN Jean Louis
    I have submit a request for my tourist visa extension on march 27th and get no answer since id PY0200040320 250320WCC5W0 I was asked to produce a hotel attestation but I live in a house which is my own; I tried several times to upload the documents of property but could only first and last pages. What should I do now ? address : 12 Surcouf street 605001 PUDUCHERRY
    Tariq Shaikh
    How much does the visa extension cost?
    After receiving the same message 'visa extension for foreigner service has been deleted' about 3 hours later we received another email confirming; TEMPORARY REGISTRATION GRANTED TO FACILITATE EXIT ON VALID RESIDENTIAL PERMIT IN VIEW OF LOCK-DOWN DUE TO NOVEL CORONAVIRUS COVID19 PANDEMIC If you haven't already please complete the e-FRRO online visa extension process and register your children as well.
    Sam D
    My 180 day stay in india is expiring on jul 26 2020. I have 10 yr multiple entry tourist visa. I applied on eFFRO website and asked for 5 yr long extended stay as my mom is sick. They aaproved my extension by 5 weeks only. The response was very fast and i appreciate that. I wish i could stay longer but something is better than nothing Thanks
    I received an update email from FRRO saying that the application I submitted was 'deleted'? What does that mean? For context, I have a 10 year tourist visa and am simply looking to continue staying in the country versus having to leave for the required '2 month gap between visits'.
    Samaritan 9
    Hi everyone...I wanted to chime in with my experience: 1. I found the website impossibly inaccessible with 3 of my devices. Received *every error under the sun, including "no such application found" while trying to upload my photo. Form would not load. Instead a "services" document (0 kb) would appear but could not be downloaded or opened. I needed to reset the password every time I wanted to log in. 2. I sent emails to ALL 10 FRRO offices and only Bangalore replied - with incorrect info! Said person would not acknowledge that there are severe problems with the website. 3. Since I couldn't complete anything, it was suggested to have the man at the local internet cafe help me. Please note: this man is trustworthy & works in front of where I am staying. Be wary & protective of your passport & visa details - always. Get your hotel/lodge/homestay to recommend someone trustworthy if errors prevent you from registering. 4. Made an appointment with the internet cafe. I already had a photo ready. He scanned passport & visa. It took roughly a half hour to complete the form & send it. 5. He ticked EXIT PERMIT. I have a 10 year, multi entry visa that expires in 6 years. 6. I received an email that evening (in my spam folder) telling me that it was being processed. 7. Today, I have already received an email (in my spam folder) with my exit permit granting me until mid Aug. It states: exit permit details: departure date: 31/07/2020, expected exit in days: 30 reason of delay: covid reason for exit: covid 8. The internet cafe charged me a 250 rs fee (also gave me a print out of my application) but FRRO exit permit was at no additional cost. Good luck everyone! I hope this helps!
    My 2 years old daughter who is a US citizen is staying in India and has a valid visa till 2024. But due to 6 months conitnuous stay rule, she can stay in India till August 20, 2020. Please let me know if there are any exceptions for minors or we have to go through same extension process.
    Bharti sharma
    Hello Sir/ Madam, My daughteris 10 month old CANADIAN citizen and is currently in India with eVisa valid up to 1/1/2025 and stay up to 180days which is until 18/09/2020 due to Corona virus situation of travel risk and the unavailability of flights or cancellation of flights or airline tickets, I would like to know the process of extending the stay for another 180days or eVisa from India. Please advise on the same. Thank you
    I see some important modifications in the continuous stay rule. Please refer below this will clarify most of our queries.,for%20less%20than%20180%20days. Duration of stay in India of e-tourist and e-business visas is maximum up to one year with multiple entries. The government has removed the existing restriction of allowing foreigners for a maximum of three times. Besides tourist and business e-visas, there are two more categories including medical, and conference.
    Vikram Lulla
    My name is Vikram Lulla. I am a US Citizen in Mumbai currently since 14 Feb 2020. I had an OCI Card previously. My US passport and OCI card were lost in the US last January. I have come on a 1 year multiple entry tourist e-Visa which is expiring on 23 Jan 2021. The 180 days is over on 14 Aug 2020. I want to replace my OCI card as I need to be here for my 83 year old mother. I have filled in an online OCI application for lost card in May 2020 (Temporary Application ID 200608042672070). I have also tried to extend my visa online multiple times on the e-FRRO portal since Apr 2020. However I have not been successful as each time I get the error message "Sorry! Please try again later" Please advise how I can go about getting my tourist visa extended and then re-issuance of my OCI card.
    Ahmad Khan Sadiq
    I can't recover my password account, I tried recovering it many times but it won't send me the OTP to email, I want to extend my student visa that will be expiring on 24th July in next 2 days. looking forward for support. Thanks.
    Hello - I am a US Citizen (PIO with a 10 Year Visa), my 180 days are completing on Aug 12, and I am unable to return as there are no Airline tickets available, Want to extend my stay by atleast 2 months. I tried registering in the site to complete the process, the OTP on phone came by however the email verification code is not reaching me ( i have tried 3 times). Can you please help me with the registration?
    HI Guys, MY daughter has an eVisa and her Visa expired recently (180 days completed), I have claled HYD FRRO team and they have suggested me to fill the Visa Extension/Conversion application from eVisa to Entry Visa and submit the details. I have asked them that we are getting this alert which says kids below 12 years need not to register. they said I could ignore that message and proceed further. I have submitted the details as requested in the portal and now I got a affadivit to submit on 10 rs note bond paper with the format that they have sent. I will be filling this soon and sending a copy to them (Need to check if that should be a scanned copy or the physical paper should be couriered to the team for further processing)
    • Hareesh
      Hi Anyone , please help if applied for extension of Entry X1 visa or any other visa from India , while one of the parent is not in India ,ie only one parent escorts the minor. Please help here to understand the process of providing authorization in this scenario. Scanned Copy is enough for the same or phyical copy has to be send to India. Is this copies has to be notarized or not. Thanks in advance please help over here.
    Hi, I'm facing all the similar situations of people posted here. I came to Kerala on 8th Jan with Multiple E Visa expiring on the 22 and Dec 2020. I called FRRO office and was advised to register and do the CForm. I did it all and called back the office and was told to fill another CForm by the Landlord of my residence. We did it all. Now I don't know what else to do and how to extend the visa with so many requirements.
    Hi, I got one year multiple e visa in feb 2020, and stay for 90 days. I realised today to extend as we are very depressed our flight cancelled many times since March 25. Now I I live more than 140 days . I haven’t applied to extend as I forgot . Will I get fine if I extend now my e visa , and how to apply, Must I have submit again photo and document. I extremely request out best prime minister , please bring the law no need to extend e visa due coronavirus Covid 19. I am from German national. We all would be thankful for you whole in our life . Because submit application process very complicated online and long waiting for process. We want to go back home .please . Thank you Jeevan .
    • SPandey
      Hi, did you manage to get any reply? I have the same case where I have overstayed (more than 180 days) and my visa has expired on 26th August. I have applied for visa conversation frm e-visa to entry visa recently. I booked the tickets to return back to the UK twice but it got cancelled due to pandemic. Please reply about your situation or any suggestions.
    Hi, I am an Indian national but my daughter who is a minor, 8 years old, holds a Chinese passport is here on a tourist Visa, which would be expiring on the 16th of Aug 2020. Can Someone advise as to how to extend her visa. Thanks.
    Anyone got a proper response on how to handle if you stay beyond 180 days ? My and my baby’s visa are valid till March 2020 But reaching our 180 days continuous stay. Unable to get flights due to Covid 19. Should I apply for extension or a new visa ? Indian Visa team please respond to our queries .
    Can someone guide us in right direction to extend the stay (beyond 180 days)in India? My wife is US citizen and has India's Visitor Visa valid up to Year 2023. Currently she is stuck in Ahmedabad due to cancellation of international flight. She is reaching near 180 days of her stay on Aug 23rd. She logged onto frro website for STAY EXTENSION; but she does not see any option for EXTENSION OF STAY. Which services should she select? Here are couple of choices for services... Visa Extension Exit Permit Registration Registration Extension ... ....many more.... ....
    Hi, Can you please advise how to fill application for entry visa extension for Minor. One of mandatory document is Registration Certificate. And on website it says children under 12 do not require registration. How to obtain registration certificate. Without it I am unable to submit the application. Has anyone faced same situation. Thank you
    • fatima
      I am in the same situation the website is not accepting minors application...I TRIED FILLING TWO TIMES...pls guide..
    What does it mean if my application got "deleted"? Do I apply again? My Visa no expires in 3 days. Thanks
    • India eVisas
      Did they give you specific reason for deleting your application? To successful extend a visa you have to provide all necessary documents and information. Now you have to fill the form online and provide all documents Apply here
    Gisele Theriault
    Do we need any document to exit India at the moment? Thanks,
    • India eVisas
      Exit permission is required for the person leaving the country when the visa has expired / the extension application is pending consideration with the State Government / Central Government / for specific type of visa when the foreigner wishes to leave India. Exit permit is not required wherever Visa/Residential Permit is valid ( except Pakistan & Afghan National )
    Kuteesa Michael
    Yes thanks for the user friendly system and the care for the foreign nationals but still I happened to apply for the extension of visa and has delayed thus I have a flight on 7th Sept 2020 even now I don't have one..!
    • India eVisas
      Thanks Kutesa :) Please contact us via email. Our support team will help you.
    we have a one year visa but our trip to india was cancelled due to covid we have rearranged to next year but visa would expire can we extend visa to cover us as this visa has not been used and we paid £170 for them anybody help
    Susan Reed
    Great, Thank you for this service. Keep sharing..
    Laveena Yogi
    Great Post! This is very helpful and informative article. Thanks for Sharing such a great post. Keep Posting!!
    Slobodan Jankovic
    Dear Sir, I have Indian employment visa valid till 05/01/2020. Because of Covid 19 I was blocked abroad with limited possibility for coming to India. I am sent abroad to work for the company and am continuing working for Indian company and they are willing to continue my contract, holding still for me the flat in India, etc. Please, let me know is any possibility to do extension of my Indian employment visa from abroad. Thank you in advance for your kind support. Best regards, Dr. S. Jankovic
    Please Can someone advice what are the Charges for extending Indian visa?
    I just got the cryptic application deleted message for my visa extension. I see some others got this message to. Can anyone report back? Is this good news or bad news. I have to leave in 3 days!
    Emily Sinate
    Kindly please update on my visa extension requests
    Tsering Youdon
    My mother has been stuck in India since April 2020. We have been renewing her e tourist visa every month. We are hoping to bring her back to Canada soon. Does she need to apply for EXIT PERMIT if her e-visa (tourist) is valid?
    Hello Indiaevisas Team, you have try to provide every single information but I have one query. I have issues regarding my visa extension, I already complete the filling up all the details, and upload the necessary documents required on I checked the status on frro website, But it directly asked to make the payment. but for what? no reason on status why they are charging me? should I have to visit the FRRO/FRO office? Hope you could help us with this issue. Thank you and God Bless
    • Jawed
      They asking fee payment. If u make payment with all ur details it will process and ur visa will be extended
    Veronika Mikolasova
    I would like to ask you for some information about the documents required. I am in India since end Jan 2021 and because of the current situation, I applied for prolonging visa to stay to early March 2021 which is less than 30 days extension. I am staying at the house of my fiancee and his family. I wanted to ask you what is the registration certificate and how to obtain one. And what is undertaking letter and RC/RP and if these documents have to be authorised by a notary. Thank you for help
    Qamar Malik
    Hello Team, I am trying to check the status of my visa application on FRRO, but login details are incorrect? Please help me...
    Hema Malini
    Hello, I am looking to extend my Single entry visa that expires on the 28th of Jan. How can I go about it?
    Kamlaben patel
    hello, I am US citizen. currently, I am stuck in India, and I want extension on my tourist visa. I have to visit frro office or shall I can apply online?
    Hi there I have an Indian exit visa granted on 24 Jan 2021 as I believe it will expire on 17 Mar 2021 what is the process of extending past that date thanks or will I have to reapply for a new exit visa.
    I received an email from frro. I have to pay the extension service fee. I am Unable to make a payment online using any Visa cards issued in USA. Please let me know how I can pay the visa fee to complete the application
    Jaswinder singh
    Hello indiaevisa team. I am in brisbane,Australia.My wife and two kids Stuck in india from 6 march2020.Still No any normal flights started from india.we applied for evisa extension around First week of feb2021 at efrro online site. Documents they need,send by email and and courier.We got no reply. Jaswinder singh. Brisbane
    • Teja
      I am in the same situation with my 3 year old son. His e-visa stay period expired in July 2020. I want a sample Undertaking letter by a Guardian. My son stays in our own house with his grandparents. So, can we generate a C Form since its our own house and no rent/expense is involved.
    Did any one of you got your visas extension..please let me know if any.. I have a plan to visit india this April and I applied for entry visa
    • Stella
      @Sravani26 Yes, we got it, but so many documents to upload.
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    HI, Team I just want to know do we need to apply for visa extension for below 3 year son ?? my wife visa already extened and when i going to apply for my sone its showing (Children below the age of 12 years are exempted from FRRO/FRO registration) kindly assist me to know the correct information when i send for the same they keep asking for his registration details. Thank you
    I Applied my Visa Extension Application on Apr-19 Monday only on FRRO ( Application ID :1604211LR07F ) . But on the Next Day Apr-20 It shows the service status as closed without any guidance or reason. Same status I received on email. Please find attached the screenshot of the online status of my application. Please note that I have submitted all the required documents in the application. But I am not sure why this application service status shows closed. Kindly request you please help and let me know the status and what needs to be done as soon as possible because there is only one week left in the expiry of my current Visa and I am in true need of my Visa extension.
    Gopi Oleti
    Respected India E-Visa Services. My Son (born in USA) is currently in India , as we travelled on emergency visa during February of this year. And my Son's India Visa is expiring on Jun 23rd. Please suggest how to get renewal, as I do not have a clarity on when I will be traveling to USA . Kind Regards, Gopi
    • Suryansh
      Hey Gopi, I am in same category. We traveled back to India along with my US citizen daughter. We got her emergency visa. Were you able to figure out resolution to this?
    Bhavin Rafaliya
    It was quite good of you to write on "Extension on Indian Visa Due to COVID - 19”. I really appreciate your work. It was a very informative article. Just want to add some of the more points from Mecitizen
    jack3322 morem
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    Hey Claudia, I am staying in India with Entry Visa. My Question is after two extension we need to apply for oci or pio?
    • Indiaevisas
      Hi Pablo, An OCI card can be applied after 2 years of marriage.
    Hello I have been trying to contact you for the past two weeks. I applied for a visa extension for my parents who are stuck in India(harpinder and Ranjit Bal). I applied for a two month extension bit was only given one until June 5. My parents flight to Vancouver is next week and the visa is already expired and can you please refund me so I can re apply or extend the visa till the end of the month at least
    Hi Indiaevisas, My US born child is in India with her mother. His India Entry visa expires Aug 31,2021. Is visa extension needed with local FRO in India for minors? If yes, do we need any signed document from the parent to upload online?
    Hello Team, I have a situation where my child (US Citizen) have X-1 Multiple entry visa with validity till 11/02/2023. Now he travelled to India with parents on 21st Feb 2021 and need to stay more than 180 days in India. I have now tried to apply for the extension of stay beyond 180 days and our plan to come back to US is now moved by December 2021. Kindly advise which option should I select on FFRO website to request form permission to stay more than 180 days for my child. I am confused with the options shown on the portal and want to select the correct one before I can submit the application.
    Ruwanthaka Manopriya
    Dear Sir/ Madam I need apply for my x- visa extensions. My hotel said no need C from for applying visa extension. Its a true or not? Best Regards. Mobile 8076377238
    Stefanie Nowak
    dear sir/madam, my tourist isa extension expires at 31.08.2021. But i am flying in october back to germany. Do i extend online? Thank you very much Stefanie Nowak
    My emergency entryvisa to India is expiring on 6th oct. Can i stay in India beyond Oct 6th?
    I have not registered on FRRO website. Should I Apply for Visa extension on FRRO website or INDIAevisas? I think I can do either way. Just wanted to confirm.
    Umang Makhijani
    I have an emergency visa to India that expires in December 2921. Can I get extension on it? Which forms do I need to fill?
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    My little one is a US citizen and we only have paper tourist visa but due to Covid we need to take e-Tourist visa but then it allows only for 30days stay. Is there any option to extend the stay for more than 30days given that both parents are citizen of India?
    • Raghav
      Hi Anand, Were you able to extend the 30 day e-tourist visa?
    • Kumar
      Hi Anand, Raghav, did you discover if the extension is possible?
    Hi I am planing to go to india in November for 60 days but only getting evisa for 30day what should I do to saty more longer plz help thank you
    Hi, Can my Daughter's 30 days e-Tourist Visa be extended by the FFRO office?
    Hi, My daughter is a US citizen and she’s got e-tourist visa for 30 days. However, our plan is to stay total 34 days in india. So, I want to know that how to extend the stay for more than 30days? Is it possible to do it on eFFRO online portal?
    • Prabhjeet Kaur
      Exactly the situation that I’m facing right now. I’m with my 1 year old daughter and due to covid they gave visa for 30 days. Her visa is expiring on 28th Jan and I’ve to be back before that. But due to covid , my flight has been cancelled by the airlines and now I’m trying to extend her visa but there is no response by the FRRO service. They are not replying to emails and calls too. Also they submitted my application for visa, took all the documents online and shows as application submitted, but the payment option is still pending. I don’t know what to do. If any suggestions then please help with this situation.
    • Mounika
      Hi, we’re in the same situation. How did you get the extension? Please help
    lava s
    How to extend india Entry Visa (X1 Visa) for minor? , My Daughter is US citizen( 2 year - minor) and is currently in India , her Entry(X1) Visa valid up Expiring on March-07-2022. My Dauther is with my spouse(India nationality) in India.Please let me know that process to extend india Entry Visa (X1 Visa) for minor? For child how to get the FRRO registration certificate while updating the docs ?
    Ramesh M
    Hi: I am USC AND I have regular india travel multiple entry visa ( not evisa) issued 4 years back and it shows expired after 5 years from now. Is this visa still valid to travel to india from USA ?? Thank you
    Dear India e visa This is Behnaz Agahi, I'm from Iran. I've traveled to India by 30 days tourist visa (single entry) . As I would like to extend my visa for more 15 days, I have checked your website but I couldn't find my country name in the part which asked about nationality. Is that mean that, just Iranian people couldn't extend their visa? Please inform me, If there is any way for Iranian to extend our visa. Indeed I need to stay 15 days more in your country. Thank you Behnaz.
    nagavenkatesh adiraju
    Good morning, hope you are doing good! I am NAGA VENKATESH ADIRAJU, writing an email requesting for an extension of Visiting Visas (E-Visas) for myself and my two kids. We have recently applied for an Indian Visiting e-Visa from Australia. All the Visas only have a validity of only 30 days and hence the email. Below are the few important reasons for requesting such an extension: 1. During the Pandemic situation last year in the month of May 2021, my father-in-law had expired. But due to the lockdown and other covid related reasons, we could not go to India and attend his last rites. It is our duty to attend at least his 1st year’s ceremony as attending these last rites and the ceremonies done every year after are very important in our Sanatan Dharma. Also, I need to spend some time with my extended family and my mother-in-law is staying alone there since my father-in-law's death. 2. I have my Father's death anniversary as well in April. We have not performed it since we came to Australia. 3. Have some land registrations and legal things to be settled which are on our father-in-law's name which generally take time. 4. Again, in May, I have my nephew’s sacred thread ceremony which has been postponed to this year since 2019 due to covid restrictions and this year it was planned specifically during this time so that we can attend. 5. On top of that, it’s been more than five years that I met our family. As we haven’t been to India since we came here in 2017, most of my extended family members did not see my younger son who was born here in Australia. Also, I do need to spend some time with many close relatives and friends as well. These are few things only but have many more small reasons because of which a stay for at least 2 months would be required. I may not be able to describe all the reasons in detail, but I hope that I have been able to put them forward in a convincing manner for approving my extension request as an exceptional case. We will make sure that we will not ask for any more extensions after this and we will return back prior to the expiry of the visa adhering to Indian laws. Thanking you
    Salahudeen Mohamed nawasdeen
    Hi sir I am srilankan citizen my visit visa is going to expire on 6th of march I need to extend my visa can you explain me where I have to go At present I am in delhi
    Hi , My 1year x-1 entry visa ( Indian spouse) expires on 7th April 2022. I've applied for 1 year visa extension last week via FRRO , but got EXIT PERMIT granted only ( along with residential permit -both docs until 10th May ). i've mentioned that my flight back is on May 6th, now thikning that maybe I shouldn't . Could someone please advise what went wrong ? Why I did not get extension to my visa :(?
    Harmandeep kaur
    If someone entered in india on entry visa.. can that person exit with OCI? Because when he entered Oci was in process but he has visa that time. Now entry visa is expired and he has OCI.
    • Gowtham
      Harmandeep kaur, Can some one share their experience with above comments after sorting through it.
    • Mitesh
      Hi Harmandeep, I am also in same situation. Could you please share your experience with me.
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