Apply for India eVisa

When to Apply for India Visas?

To apply for an Indian Visa, you need to apply online, the process took about 4 working days to proceed, so it is advised you to take a margin time as much you buffer or can say 3 - 4 weeks before your travel date. To get Indian Visa you need to fulfill below requirements :-

  • Passport Requirement :- You must have your original passport with you, along with one photocopy of your passport information and signature page. The passport must be signed and valid for 6 months during your stay in India, with at least two blank passport pages available for India visa stamps. Kindly note that Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for Indian visas.
  • India Visa Application Form :- This is an online application form you need to fill this form with your personal details as per your passport.

While applying online certains points need to be keep in mind :-

  • Your Full Name as given in passport
  • Your Application ID
  • Your Passport Number
  • Your Nationality
  • The validity of the Visa
  • Date of arrival