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What is India e-Medical Visa?

Indian e-Medical Visa is a kind of e-Visa, issued for non-Indian visitors for Medical purpose for the short time span by Government of India. This facility is available for 161 countries nationals in the world.

Entrance :- Visitors enter through 24 designated Airports and 3 designated Seaports on Indian Medical Visa. Visitors can enter 3 times on this type of visa.

Expiry day :- Applicants of the eligible countries / territories may apply online in advance before the arrival date with a window of 120 days.

-From the date of arrival, the validity of Indian e-Medical Visa will be 60 days.

-Triple entry is permitted for Indian Medical ETA.

-Medical trips are available for maximum 2 times in a year.

-This type of Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible and not valid for visiting protected / restricted Areas