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Indian Government Announces Tourist Visas Available from 15 November


New Update December 06, 2022:

We are glad to inform all the travellers who want to visit India that a few more countries including the United Kingdom and Canada have got lucky this time as the Government of India has lifted off travel restrictions on a few more countries and the updated list of Indian eVisa eligible countries now stands at 165.

As per the recent updates citizens of 165 countries can apply for an e-visa online. The e-visa services which had been available since 2014 got suspended for all countries during the covid-19 Pandemic and then when the services got restored later only 156 countries were being considered eligible until now.

Updated November 15, 2022:

The government of India has announced to end the travel ban it had introduced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you plan to book a trip to India after November 16 and your travel purpose is tourism or meeting family/relatives, you are entitled to apply for an electronic visa/e-visa/online visa. Here is all the information you need to obtain the Indian e-Visa.

Applying for the Tourist Visa- Key Points

  • Foreign travellers can apply for a tourist visa by filling out an Indian visa online application form
  • However, it is essential to note that all the visa applications submitted before November 15 will be processed now
  • At the moment, the government also allowed urgent/express/ visa delivery.
  • All travellers should arrive by air.

Changes in the Validity Period

Tourist visas for India used to be valid for one year, and travellers could stay for at least 90 days consecutively. But this rule was applicable before the pandemic. Now, as per the new guidelines, the government has shortened the visa validity period. From now on, the Indian tourist e visa will be valid for 120 days, and travellers can stay in India for a maximum duration of 30 days on a single visit, non-extendable and non-convertible.

Information about United Kingdom Nationals

The online visa facility is not yet available for those travelling on a UK passport or are UK citizens. Therefore, UK travellers should apply for the traditional sticker or paper visa by visiting an Indian embassy. It is worth noting that a paper visa may be slightly more expensive than e-Visas, and the application process is a bit more time-consuming. Currently, there is no clarity over when travellers from the UK will apply for an online visa.

Indian Quarantine Policy

Travellers who got fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least fifteen days before travelling to India and have citizenship of any Category A country will not need to undergo quarantine when they arrive in India.

Vaccines Recognised by India

The government only recognises a few vaccines, so make sure you meet this requirement before applying for an online or paper visa. The government approved vaccines include Sinopharm, Janssen, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca/Covishield, Moderna, and Sinovac.

Countries Part of Category A

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Lebanon
  • Nepal
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • United Kingdom      

Please note that the Indian government can change the countries in the Category A list at any time.

Who Needs to be Quarantined

Individuals who haven’t been fully vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) fifteen days before their arrival in India or their nationality is not listed in the Category A countries are required to quarantine upon arrival. They will have to get a PCR test done at the time of arrival in India at the airport. They will then directly be taken to a quarantine location of their choice. The travellers will stay at the quarantine facility for seven days at least. The quarantine facility could be a home of their family or friends or a hotel. After seven days, they will again take the PCR test. If the result is negative, the traveller will be allowed to follow their travel itinerary on the condition that they will monitor their health for another week.

Mandatory Coronavirus Testing

A traveller must be tested negative for the COVID-19 virus before boarding a flight to India. The PCR test must be taken 72 hours before their departure. The result will be submitted along with a health declaration form to the Air Suvidha Portal. When the traveller arrives in India, they will have to take another PCR test. 

Pre-Pandemic Visa

If you have an Indian e-Visa issued before October 6 2021, then this visa will no longer be valid for travelling. All travellers must apply for a new India visa

If you have a paper visa granted before the COVID-19 pandemic, this is also invalid now, and you will have to re-apply at an Indian embassy or consulate.

Exit Requirements

Many foreign countries have imposed certain requirements for travellers from India. Such as, travellers returning to the UK must book and pay for a PCR test that will be taken before day 2 of their return ends. In case the traveller is not fully vaccinated, they will undergo two more tests, one right before departure and the other one on the eighth day of their return to the UK.

Business and Medical Travel

If your travel purpose is business or a medical reason, or you are part of a larger tourist group, you can also apply for an Indian Visa

Travellers of Indian origin

Indian nationality holders can travel with their Indian passports. If you are an Overseas Citizen of India, you can also travel using your OCI card. However, if you do not possess any of the two travel documents and are a Person of Indian Origin, you can travel with your PIO card. Travellers holding Indian passports, OCI Card or PIO Card do not need to apply for a visa. They only need to contact the High Commission of India to understand the requirements before travelling to India.

50 responses to “Indian Government Announces Tourist Visas Available from 15 November”

  1. Iveta
    Hello, We have been granted a 30-day tourist evisa, but our flight leaves on day 31. Can you advise how much we will be charged if we overstay for 1-2 days? Thank you,
    • Chhaya
      Hi I have e-visa for 30 day but I nave to over stay for Helth issue so how much penalty I have to pay ?
    • Chhaya
      Hi I have e-visa for 30 day but I nave to over stay for Helth issue so how much penalty I have to pay ?
    • Chhaya
      Hi I have e-visa for 30 day but I nave to over stay for Helth issue so how much penalty I have to pay ?
    • Indy
      This serious and they treat you like a criminal.. You won't be able to leave the country and will have to go to the FRO in panjim every day... I been going 17 years and seen this happen too many times... You need to change visa or flight. So sorry
    Lata roy
    Good day, We travelling from South Africa to India on 6 Dec to 15 Jan 2022 After I booked tickets I only getting visa for 1 month now this setiuation can I extend my visa after travelling India? Even I can't change my tickets too no seat are available Kindly guide me Thanks
    • Indiaevisas
      You can extend your Indian Tourist E-visa beyond its expiry date, but you have to do it before the visa expires. However, you cannot renew or extend your 30-day e-visa as it is a short-term travel permit. The visa extension is offered to holders of long-term visas.
    I am a U.S. Citizen. I was issued a Multiple entry 5 year Visa in July 2019 and shows it's valid till 6/10/23. However, I noticed you have revoked some categories of Visas. Is the 5 year tourist visa still valid or do I need to apply for a new one? Thank you.
    Good Afternoon: I am a USA citizen. I would like to apply for an e-tourist visa to visit India. I understand that tourist visa issued at this time will be single-entry for 30-days, and must be used within 120-days of issuance. My questions are these: 1. If I get the tourist visa, come to India within 120-days, stay in India for 30-days, and then leave, at what point can I apply for a new tourist visa to return to India for another 30 day visit? 2. Will I have to wait to apply for the second visa until the original visa expires (i.e., 120 days from the date of issuance of the first visa); or, can I reapply for fresh tourist visa after leaving India following my initial 30 day stay, even if the "120 days from date of issuance" of the original visa has not yet elapsed? 3. After leaving India, may I reapply for a fresh tourist visa from a neighbouring country (example, Nepal), and then re-enter India (by air) from that country, or would I have to physically return to USA in order to re-apply for a new visa and re-enter India? Kindly respond Thanking You, Stephen Rudick
    Hello Sir/Madam, I want to apply India a time it’s possible to get visa..last time I try but because of Covid ..I don’t get..but now I want to go to tourist in India.. Thank you so much:)
    Darshan Desai
    I was reading on your website 2 different things regarding E-Visa extension. I read that the 30 day E-Visa is not extendable but then I also read that there are exceptions for certain Visa holders. I would like some clarification on thai please. I have entered India few days ago with an E-Visa and would like to stay longer than the 30 days granted but the rules. I had a 10 year visitor Visa expiring in 2027 so I was wondering if that plays into the exception of Visa extension.
    • Pragnesh
      Hi Darshan did you over stayed or came back I would like to do same so please advise what needs to be done to stay beyond 30 days in india with e visa as we have 10 year visa same sceneries which you had
    Rajiv Tarigopula
    Is there any way to extend a 30d e visa for a US citizen currently in India for emergency purposes?
    Sushma M.V
    Hi Sir/Madam, My name is Sushma. i have a baby 8 months old and he is a US citizen. we wanted to travel to India for 2 to 3 months. He has a valid 30 day E visa. How to extend his E-visa for more than 30 days? What's the process and how to apply for extension from India. Please let us know. REgards
    • Indiaevisas
      very good evening dear Sushma thanks for asking. It is not possible to extend an Indian electronic visa from within the country. You can extend your visa beyond its original expiry date in advance of its expiration from outside of India. However, please be informed that you cannot renew or extend your e-visa if you hold a short-term tourist e-visa.
    hi is there is any way to extend 30 day e-visa for another 30 days for australian citizens
    • Parul Gaur
      Hi, I want to apply for an Indian tourist visa for my son (nearly 3 years) who is an Australian citizen. I have to travel to India as my father has a medical condition and need to see him urgently. I will require a tourist visa for atleast 60 days. Is it possible to get a tourist visa for 60 days for my son as I have gone through different Indian visa websites and they all provide different information. Can I please request you to respond to my query at the earliest. Kind Regards, Parul
    • Indiaevisas
      Hey there, hope you are well and safe. Please note that the e-visa cannot be converted into another type or extended for a different validity. Australian citizens are allowed to apply for an Indian e-visa twice in a calendar year.
    Hiremath Onkari
    Dear sir/madam, I would like to request you to guide me that how can I get the evisa for 1 year with multiple entry. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. Because in the website there is nothing clear that for how long I can get evisa? So please help me out the right and the correct procedure. Thanks Regards
    • Indiaevisas
      Hey there, thanks for asking. The citizens of Kenya who want to visit India for tourism, medical or business purposes do not need to obtain a consular visa as they are eligible for an electronic visa. If you want to visit India for sightseeing, recreation, meeting friends/family, or enroll in a short-term yoga program or short-term course (short-term means less than six months long course), you can apply for one-month double entry e-visa, or 1 to 5 years validity multiple entries visa. You must have a valid Kenyan passport with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages. You should be above 18-years of age. If you are travelling with children, please apply for a separate visa for each child.
    Neha Desai
    Dear Sir/Madam, Writing to see how my mom and dad can apply for longer stay visa as they need to travel to take care of their parent . Can they be granted visa stay permitted more than 30 day please ? We have a doctors note stating the need of care taking . Please advise they are trying to travel Jan 15 Thank you so much
    Nityam Pandya
    Hi I recently apply Indian visa for my son who has British passport. I was told to apply for 1 year visa under “Visit visa”. As we’re staying there for more than 30 days. Hence I did apply for visit visa. We did receive passport last week and it has visa X-1 but the the validity is only 3 month from 15/12/2021 to 14/03/2022. We’re flying in 7th march and return in 16 April. My questions does the one year visa starts from the day we land in india? As I clearly stated in my application and consent letter our travelling dates. Just concerned as we can still flying but coming back visa is not valid if we go buy dates in visa. If that’s the case cane we extend visa while we’re in india? Please can you let us know how visit visa works. There is no clear instructions on website. Thanks
    Dear sir/madam, I am a British citizen with an OCI card. I am trying to apply for a 5 years multiple entry tourist visa for my son Neil Banerjee. Neil is currently 10 years old and a British citizen. He has had the 5 years multiple entry Indian visa twice in the past. I have recently renewed his passport but I am unable to apply online for the 5 years entry visa as I did in the past. Please can you kindly guide me on how I can apply for a 5 years entry visa for my son or if I need to now apply for a different category of visa to visit India.Yours sincerely-Purna ( neil;s father)
    • Indiaevisas
      very good evening, hope you are doing well. In March 2016, the Indian government discontinued the requirement that OCI cardholders need a visa to enter India. Moreover, the ‘U’ visa sticker has also been discontinued and OCI card holders no longer need to show it to the immigration authorities while entering or leaving India. You just need to show your valid passport and your OCI card to enter India. British nationals who do not hold an OCI card would need to obtain a valid paper visa as they are not yet eligible for e-visa.
    Connie B
    Can I apply for evisa with a Malaysian passport?
    • Sia
      eVisa entry is currently NOT permitted for citizens of Malaysia.
    • Indiaevisas
      Hey there, thanks for asking. India does not currently offer electronic visas to Malaysian passport holders. Now, you can apply for a regular sticker visa at the embassy in their country or nearby countries.
    • Indiaevisas
      Hey there, thanks for asking. India does not currently offer electronic visas to Malaysian passport holders. Now, you can apply for a regular sticker visa at the embassy in their country or nearby countries.
    FOUILLEN Pierrette
    as the corona cases have gone up in Tamil Nadu ,I would like to stay on safe in my guest house inPondichérry. I'm diabetic and asmathic, I think it is a hight risk to travel in Taxi and International airport place at this point of time. I would like to request the visa to be extended for two months.Thank you for answer.
    Dear Sir/Madam, We have flights booked to fly to India this coming Sunday 13th Feb. As restrictions have led to it not being possible to take these flights until now, we still do not have visas. Therefore I was wondering what steps I could take to get visas quickly before our flight on Sunday. Will this be possible? Best regards, Chris
    Good morning! I am a citizen of Belarus, I have a Belarusian passport, I live in Tallinn and have a residence permit in Estonia. I want to fly to India for a rest. How long does a visa take? What documents do I have to submit? Best regards, Sniazhana Badrytskaya.
    Samip Atul Raval
    Hello, I applied for Indian visa on 12/26 but have not received information about when I'll receive the visa. Only thing I see when I submit my app ID is that it's been submitted successfully, but when will I receive the actual visa? Thank you Samip Atul Raval
    Nagin Makwana
    Can you please help in applying for emergency visa as I need to visit my mother in-law who is in hospital an accompany my wife who is not well also I need to know Which visa I need to apply for please - tourist ? ;entry visa or medical visa Appreciate your help Thank you nagin
    • Indiaevisas
      very good evening, I hope you are well & good. You will need to apply for the Emergency Visa. It is currently available for US passport holders of Indian origin and their families to visit India in case of a genuine family emergency like death of a family member or critical illness. If you do not have a US passport then you will apply for a tourist or visit visa. OCI card holders can travel with their valid passports.
    Hello everyone, I have some query could anyone give me answers? 1. Do you have any idea of if and when 5-year visas may resume? Or will we need to apply for a new visa? 2. If my mother needs a new visa, when is it likely E visas will start up? 3. We are thinking of going to India in April. Is our only option for my mother to contact the embassy and get a paper visa for that trip? 4. Myself and my father have OCIs, are these valid? Many thanks,
    My son (Minor - 4 yrs) who is a US Citizen by birth has an X-1 visa that was issued in 2018 and is valid until 2023. I have to travel to India next week due to a surgery in the family. I am an Indian citizen with an Indian passport. Can my son travel with me on his existing x-1 visa?
    Hi Sir or Madam, We have been granted a 30-day tourist e-Visa, to take a training course. The only flight we found is a 33 day total stay. Can you advise how much we will be charged if we overstay for 3 days or if there is a way to apply for a different visa? Thank you for your time.
    Dear Sir , I got a message in watup its say Lond term Tourist/E Tourist Visas have been Restored with Immediate effect. US CITIZEN holding such visas are good to travel to India . These e Tourist/Tourist visas were suspended in March 2020. due to the Pandemic. Long term Business/X visa were already restored earlier . Is this message right
    Raj Jayaram
    Hello, are you able to get an Indian visa within a day? Does the VFS service deal allow walk-in appointments? If so, how much would you charge?
    Does anyone actually get any results/ answers from this website? It seems like a lot of questions and no responses....
    Vishwa Malhotra
    I am stuck at the region column Plz help rest is complete
    Julie jeffers
    Can you please let me know if my 5 year paper visa is still valid it was issued 28/11/18 and expires 27/11/23 I am due to fly to India on 6/1/23 and a friend said he was turned away from airport on Friday because they said paper visas issued before pandemic were no longer valid No one seems to have an answer for me so any help you can give will be appreciated
    raj singh
    hi. just wanted to know if there is any updates on the E-VISA for british citizens. there was a post by the independant on the 18th nov 2022 that it will be available very soon in days
    Mandeep Saini
    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen and hold a 10 year tourist visa. Would I be able to travel on that now or would have to get any other tourist visa.
      Hello, I am a Canadian citizen and hold a 10 year tourist visa. Would I be able to travel on that now or would have to get any other tourist visa. Please reply soon as I want to visit India.
    Catherine Alice Kondracki
    Can I apply for tourist visa to India from Canada now?
    • Indiaevisas
      India has restored e-visa facility for Canadian passport holders, the High Commission of India, Ottawa, Canada, said on Tuesday. "e-Visa facility for Canadian passport-holders has been restored, with effect from 20 December 2022," the Indian High Commission in Ottawa said in a statement. Now you can apply for evisa from the Canada online:
    Hi, I have a 5 year visa that was issued in 2019. I am a UK passport holder, is this visa still valid ? if not can a UK passport holder now request an e visa ?
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    pan dino
    Can Nigerians visit for 2weeks in India

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